What if there are no databases listed to log into

Note: If you are using a stand alone installation (your database is on the computer you are working on) and you do not see the database listed, please contact Pontem Support.

*If you are on a peer-to-peer network, make sure the other computer is turned on, and you can browse to the data file using Windows File Explorer on your computer.

  1. Check to see if the computer name in the Server field says “<local>” (1).
    1. If Yes, click the drop down arrow and look for the computer where the database is stored.
    2. If the computer name is not listed, type the computer name in the Server field or click the Browse button (2).
      1. Click on the computer name where the database is stored.
      2. Click OK button.
      3. At this point the Database list should be refreshed.
  2. Select your database (3).
  3. Enter your user Name (4).
  4. Enter your Password (5).
  5. Click OK button to log into the data.


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