Bank Reconciliation Without Cash Receipts

In Accounts Payable & Payroll

  1. Open Accounts Payable (AP)
  2. Primary Task: Manage Checks: View Tab: Clear Checks (PR = Clear Printed Checks)
  3. The list of all Opened Checks is displayed
  4. Look on the bank statement and select the matching transaction in AP by clicking on it one time
  5. Use the F9 key or Clear Check Button to clear the check
  6. Highlight the transaction on the bank statement
  7. Repeat steps 3 - 5 as needed
  8. If a check is cleared accidentally:
    1. Use the Quick Search tool to change the list:
      1. Change 'Check Status' from "Open" to "Closed"
      2. Click Search
    2. Select the check to be reset by clicking one time on it
    3. Click the Open button or use the F9 key on the keyboard
    4. To return to the open checks use the Quick Search tool:
      1. Change 'Check Status' filter back to "Open"
      2. Click Search button to get back to the open checks list
  9. After all checks have been cleared in the program, print the following reports:
    1. Reports: Checks: Reports: Outstanding Checks List
    2. Reports: Checks: Reports: Cleared Checks Audit Report (make sure to use the day you sat at the computer to clear the checks as the date for the filter)
  10. Finished with AP
  11. If you have PR, follow steps 1 – 9 in the PR program
    1. If you do not have PR, then go to “In General Ledger” steps

In General Ledger

  1. Run General Ledger Activity Reports
    1. Reports: Maintenance Audit: General Ledger Activity Report
    2. Filter the report for each cash account with money in the bank account you are working with
      1. The report needs to be run one GL account at a time.
    3. Set the date range for month of the bank statement
      1. The range may need to be expanded if not all the statement transactions are found on the report
  2. Run Reports: Maintenance Audit: Account Balance Report
    1. Set the Account filter for the 3rd segment of the cash account number (001 for municipalities or 2101 for schools)

Final Reconciliation

  1. Determine the total GL account balance using Account Balance Report
  2. Add the Outstanding Checks totals from AP & PR
  3. Subtract any outstanding deposits from the GL Activity Report
  4. The final amount should match the bank account balance.
    1. If there is a discrepancy, use the General Ledger Activity Reports to track down the problem.
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