How to Create Labor Categories

How to add a Labor Category
(Labor Categories are used to tell PR where to charge wages in GL)

Click Primary Task: Manage Employees: Tools Tab: Labor Categories

Click "New" Button
Code = What you will see in the Labor Category drop down list. Needs to tell you where the wages will be charged in GL. (Could be GL account number)
Description = Used to give more specific information about where the wages will be charged. (Could be GL account name)
G/L Account Nbr = The GL account number where the wages need to be recorded
Work Comp Code (not required but recommended) = Select the workers comp code where these wages should be categorized. You may need to ask your agent for the correct code to use.
Click "Save" button to create the new code
Repeat to add as many new codes as needed

Click "Close" button to exit the Labor Categories Tool

You can now use the new labor category on pay vouchers.

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