Scanning An Image To A Record


Images/Documents View
The Images/Documents view can be found in the Accounts Payable, Manage Vouchers and, Manage Vendors views, and in the Manage Employees Primary Task in Payroll.


Attaching Images from a Scanner
On the View tab, click the Images/Documents link to display the Images work space.
On the Images toolbar, click on ‘Acquire Image from Scanner’ icon.

Scanner Options will appear where you can select the correct scanner, and either choose to show the scanning software interface, or the Pontem scanning dialog to walk you through the scanning process.

NOTE: We recommend selecting “Show scanning dialog as “modal”.

The scanner will now step through the scanning process, and screens will vary depending on your scanner and which option you select.

Once the image is finished scanning, a portion of the image will now be visible at the bottom of the screen, and the list will include the image title. If you want to enter a caption for this image you may do so at this time. Repeat until you have all images in the program, then click the Save button.


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