Attaching A Document To A Record

Images/Documents View
The Images/Documents view can be found in the Accounts Payable, Manage Vouchers and, Manage Vendors views, and in the Manage Employees Primary Task in Payroll.


Attaching Files
Files can be added when new records are added or later in Edit Mode.
On the View tab, click the Images/Documents link to display the ‘Images’ work space.

Click the Edit button, if not adding a new record, to add a file or image.
On the Images toolbar, click on Open from file icon

A Windows “Open” file window will launch. Select a file you wish to associate with this record and click Open.

The file will now appear in the Title & Caption grid on the Voucher, Vendor or Employee Record Images/Documents View. Attached .jpg images will be visible at the bottom of the screen.

Enter a description for the image in the ‘Caption’ column (i.e., Employee Photo, Driver License, etc.).

Select the Secure checkbox to limit ability to view the file based on Pontem permissions.

If you have additional images or files to associate with the record, repeat until you have all files in the program, then click the Save button.


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