How To Correct A Hand Written Check

To correct a mistake on a hand written check follow these recommended steps.

  1. If the wrong expense account was used, go into the GL program and make a journal entry to correct the account used.
    • Do not go any further with these instructions.

For other corrections, follow these steps.

  1. In the AP program, go to the “Primary Task” box and click on Manage Checks (A)
  2. Click Clear Checks link on the "View" tab (B)
  3. (Optional) Use Quick Search to find the check to be edited (C)
    1. Use the “Check Date Range” and/or “Remit To” fields to limit the search to a specific vendor or time frame
    2. Make sure to set the Check Status = All
    3. Click Search button to execute the search
  4. Double click the check to be edited (D)Hand_Written_Checks_1.png
  5. Click the Void Check button
    • The only option will be to “Void Check and Void Voucher” because this is a hand written check
  6. Make sure the Check G/L Transaction Date = Check Date (2)
    • This will default to today's date, so make sure to check the date
  7. Make sure the Voucher G/L Transaction Date = Check Date (2)
    • This will default to today's date, so make sure to check the dateHand_Written_Checks_2.png
  8. Click OK button
  9. Read the warning and click the appropriate response Yes / No
  10. Read the void confirmation and click OK button

Create a new hand written check with the correct information

  1. Click the Tools tab
  2. Click Hand Written Checks link
  3. Enter the appropriate Bank Accnt Code, Check Date and Check #
    • On the new check you will not be able to use the same Check #
    • It is recommend to try using the original check number and leave off the first digit
      • eg. For check '1682' enter “682”
      • Hopefully this will put the check number far enough in the past it does not conflict with another check number
    • If this conflicts, another idea for a check number will have to be used. Try not to add digits to the check number as this will put it in the future and could cause problems with a future check run
      • Remember letters or symbols are not allowed as check numbers
  4. Enter the voucher information on the rest of the form
  5. Once the information is entered, verify it one more time, then click the Save Check button
  6. Click the Close button to exit the tool
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