Reprint Direct Deposit Advice

A. Manage Checks

  1. Open PR
  2. Click Manage Checks in the Primary Task box
  3. Click Print Unprinted Direct Deposit on the "View" tab
  4. Insure the advice for reprinting is not listed
    1. If they are listed, use the Print Unprinted Advice(s) button in the lower right corner to print, or click Send Email button to send the advice to the email address on the employee's record
    2. If no advice are listed proceed to the next step
  5. Click the Reports tab on the left side bar and look to see if there is a custom advice form listed for convenient reprinting
    1. If no advice form is listed, proceed to Step B
    2. If yes, click the custom advice link and proceed to Step C

B. Report Menu

  1. Click Reports on the Menu Bar
  2. Click Custom
  3. In the Report Selection window, look under the "Custom" folder for the "Checks" folder
  4. Look for a custom direct deposit advice link for your database
  5. If Yes, select the custom report and click the OK button, then proceed to Step C
  6. If a custom advice is not listed, click the "+" beside "Check"
  7. Select the Direct Deposit Advice - On Bottom report
  8. Click OK button and proceed to Step C

C. Report Filter and Printing

  1.  Enter the Beginning and Ending Advice Number of the pay stub(s) to be reprinted
    • Or use any fields as needed on the filter to return the correct advice(s) to be reprinted
  2. Click the OK button to generate the report
  3. Add a message in the pop up window, if desired, and click the OK button to proceed to the report preview
  4. Review the advice on the screen to insure it is the desired advice
    • Remember all advice in the report preview will reprint
  5. Use the Printer Icon in the top left corner to print the advice
  6. Click the Close button to exit the report when finished
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