Returned NSF Check

  1. Click Cash Management in the Primary Task box
  2. Click the Tools tab
  3. Click the Cash Adjustment link
  4. Click the New button
  5. Select Return Item
  6. Enter the Transaction Date (date the check was returned)
  7. Click Next button
  8. Choose the Type of Return
    1. "Return a entered, deposited receipt" - reverses an entire receipt already in the system
      1. Select Return a entered, deposited receipt
      2. Click Next button
      3. Use the dark gray box as a Quick Search to narrow the receipt search to find the desired receipt and click the Search button to display the filtered receipts
      4. Select the receipt to be returned and click the Next button
      5. Verify Transaction Summary Screen and click Finish button
      6. Click Close to exit the tool
    2. "Create a new returned item receipt" - starts a new receipt to record an NSF check
      1. Select Create a new returned item receipt and click the Next button
      2. Enter information just like a receipt
        • The Amount fields should be negative amounts
      3. Click Next
      4. Verify Transaction Summary Screen and click the Finish button
      5. Click the Close button to exit the tool
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