Resend Direct Deposit Advice Emails

  1. Open PR
  2. Click Manage Checks in the Primary Task box
  3. Click Print Unprinted Direct Deposit link on the View tab
  4. Set the Quick Search filter to the following:
    1. Check Date Rage = Date of the Pay Checks / Direct Deposits
    2. Employee = Leave blank to show all employees, otherwise enter the name of employee
    3. Type Direct Deposit
    4. Status = Cleared
  5. Click Search button
  6. Verify the list of emails to resend
    1. Keep in mind ALL employees listed with the email option selected will receive an email.
    2. To limit the list, you may want to use the Advanced search button or send emails individually as needed
  7. Click Send Email button
  8. A warning message letting you know these Direct Deposit Advice have already been emailed or printed once.  Do you want to send them again?
  9. Click Yes button to send email
  10. Look for confirmation email in the Reply To: email (where the confirmation email usually goes) to insure all emails were sent

If you have further questions please contact our support by

Submitting a support request online

Call the Pontem Support Line - 888.237.8531

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