Error: Please contact the Pontem Help Desk ... to activate the product license.

For the Error Message: 

"Thank you for choosing Pontem Software.

Please contact the Pontem Help Desk toll free at (888) 237-8531 to activate the product license."

  • Check to see who else may be logged into the program.  Too many people logged into the program at the same time will cause this error.
  • Check to see the program is not open multiple times on your computer.
    1. Close the program you are trying to login to
    2. Check the Windows Task bar to insure the program you are trying to access is not already open
    3. If the icons are gone from the Task bar, the Right Click on an open space in the Task bar
    4. Select "Task Manager" from the pop up menu
    5. Close any instances of the Pontem program which may still be running
    6. Close the Task Manager
    7. Try to open the program again.  If unsuccessful, continue to restart the firebird service.
  • Restart Firebird Service
    1. Log into the computer which serves as the server/host of the Pontem programs
      • This might not be the computer terminal you are sitting at.
      • This will be the computer where the Check For Updates is preformed.
    2. Click on the Window's "Start" icon
    3. Click on "Windows System" Folder
    4. Click "Control Panel"
    5. Check the "View by:" option in the upper right corner and insure it is set to "Small icons"
    6. Double click "Firebird 2.0 Server Manager"
    7. Click the "Stop" button on the window which pops up
    8. Click the " Start" button which just appeared
    9. Close the Firebird 2.0 window
    10. Close the Control Panel window
    11. Open the Pontem program
    12. Close the login window using the "Cancel" button
    13. Click "File" on the Menu bar
    14. Mouse over "Administration" and then click on "Licensing"
    15. Insure the number of "Authorized Users" = the number of "Available Users"

If you have any questions or need to use the Window's Services Manager to restart the service, please submit a support request online or call the Pontem Help Desk at 888.237.8531.

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