Quick Step Guide - Printing a Report to a File

All reports within Pontem Software products can be printed to multiple file formats. This enables sharing of report documentation with auditors, board/council members or co-workers via email, disk media, and CD.

Getting Started

  1. Once a report has been selected to run, a ‘Report Progress’ window will appear, showing the total number of records included in the report, and the records being processed to compile the report.
  2. Once the report is compiled, a ‘Print Preview’ window appears, displaying the first page of the report.
  3. Verify the report contains the desired information. Then click the Printer icon in the Menu Bar to display the ‘Print’ window.

Print to File

  1. In the lower-left corner of the ‘Print’ window click on the checkbox labeled Print to File. Click the ‘Type’ drop-down menu and choose the desired file type.
    1. NOTE: File types available include Rich Text (for Microsoft® Word®), Excel®, HTML, .csv, .txt, .pdf, image formats, and more.
  2. You must enter a name for the report. Click on the '...' button to the right of the ‘Where’ field to display a ‘Save As’ window.
  3. Click on the Save In drop-down menu to choose the drive and folder where you want to save the file. Enter a ‘File Name,’ for example: “Master Vendor List June 2005,” then click the Save button.
  4. The ‘Print’ window will now display the name of the file, and path where the file will be saved.
  5. Click the OK button to save the report to file.

NOTE: ‘Printing a Report to a File’ will not print the report on paper, only to the file you have specified.


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