How to E-mail a Report or Form from the Pontem Software Report Preview

On the menu bar, click Reports, click the appropriate topic, and then select the report you wish to run. NOTE: You may also select any item from the Reports tabs in the various workspaces.

When the filter form appears, enter the criteria to filter upon. When you have defined the search criteria, click the OK button to run the report.

All reports within Pontem’s software products can be e-mailed to another individual. This feature enables sharing of report documentation with auditors, board/council members, or co-workers.

STEP ONE: Preview the Report
After running any report, a ‘Report Progress’ window will appear, showing the total number of records included in the report, and the records being processed to compile the report.

Once the report is compiled, a ‘Print Preview’ window appears, displaying the first page of the report.

STEP TWO: Verify the Report and Select Email Option
Verify the report contains the desired information. Then click the E-mail icon in the menu bar to display the ‘E-mail’ window:


STEP THREE: Addressing and Sending Your Emailed Report
The ‘Pontem Software E-mail’ window will now appear:

1. Type the E-mail address of the person you wish to send the E-mail, in the field labeled ‘To:’

If you would like to send a Carbon Copy of your email to someone, type the E-mail address of this person in the field labeled ‘CC:’

2. Type the subject for the E-mail in the field labeled ‘Subject..’

3. Click the FileType drop-down menu and choose the desired file type.

NOTE: Sending the file as a Portable Document Format (PDF) will ensure recipients cannot edit or revise your report.

If you would like to delete the e-mailed file from your hard drive after sending the e-mail, check the Delete File checkbox. If you would like to keep the e-mailed file on your hard drive, uncheck the Delete File checkbox.

4. Click the Send button to send your e-mail.

NOTE: This process will not print the report on paper, it will only e-mail it to the recipient you select.


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