Setting Up a New User and Password (Detailed)

STEP ONE: Log into Your Pontem Software
Log into your database as the System Administrator using the following Firebird login credentials:

User Name: SYSDBA
Password: (contact your system admin. or Pontem Help Desk for password)

STEP TWO: Add a New User and Set Password
From the Preferences tab, select ‘Security’ then click on ‘Users.’ The following screen will appear which is used to add users and assign them to ‘Rights Groups’:

Click on the plus sign (+) to add a unique user ID and password for a new user.

The following User Configuration screen will now appear:

Enter the desired User Name and Password for the user.

NOTE: The password must be entered in lower case only.

Complete the rest of the User Configuration details. Click OK when finished.

STEP THREE Assign Rights for a New User
Highlight the User Record to which you wish to assign Rights, then click Groups.

The ‘Assign Groups” screen will now appear:

Select the rights group to which you wish to assign the user from the left panel and click the arrow to move the right group it to the right-hand panel. Click OK when all rights are assigned.

Once you have added a new user, set the password, and assigned rights, you may login to your Pontem Software using the credentials you set.

STEP FOUR: View All Users and Rights Assigned
When you click on ‘Users’ in the left-hand Preferences panel you can view all Users and Rights you have assigned in your Pontem Software. (see below). Note, that it is possible to Edit or Delete users from this view as needed.


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