Quick Step Guide - Voiding Payroll Checks

Select the Check

  1. Click Manage Checks in Primary Task box in the upper left corner.
  2. In the Quick Search box in the lower left corner, fill in the information that will narrow down your search. Be sure to set the Status: = Open or All and click Search. Using the Advanced filter option search for a check number or check number range.
  3. Double click the check to be voided to go to the detail view
  4. Or single click the check and click the light blue toggle bar at the top of the workspace.

Void the Check

  1. Click the Void Check button at the top left of the workspace.
  2. Select one of the three void options.
  3. Void Check and Reissue - The name and amount of check are correct, but the check is spoiled or the number is incorrect.
  4. You will be prompted to enter a new check number and check date.
  5. Void Check, Leaving Voucher Open – Use this option if you need to make a change to the name, amount, or ledger account. These changes must be made on the voucher. Once the voucher is corrected process the check as normal.
  6. Void Check and Void Voucher – This choice will void the check and the voucher. The original transactions will be reversed in the GL system by this transaction.
  7. The G/L Transaction Date: is the date the void is recorded in the General Ledger. This will usually be the same date as the check or voucher.
  8. The Transaction Date: is set after the warning message in Pontem AP.
  9. You will need to acknowledge the warning message. Click Yes.


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