Quick Step Guide - Enter Receipt

Select the Receipt

  1. Click the Manage Receipts in Primary Task box in the upper- left corner.
  2. Click the New button.
  3. Select the Department receiving the money.
  4. Enter or select Receipt Date.
  5. The Transaction Date is only available when posting receipts directly to GL. Use this to set the date as the ‘General Ledger Transaction date.’
  6. Choose the Payer name from the Payer list, or type in a new name. This field can also be left blank.
  7. Enter the address if this is a new Payer.
  8. Enter the Quick Code if appropriate. Otherwise, skip this step.

Transactions Tab

  1. In the Transactions Tab enter the Transaction Code appropriate for the money received.
  2. Verify the Qty, Description, and Amount. You can adjust these amounts as necessary, as long as they are not already calculated in the Transaction Code.
  3. Enter a Memo if desired for this line.
  4. Add additional transaction codes or remove codes by using the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ at the bottom of the tab window.

Notes Tab

  1. The Notes Tab allows you to add any comments or notes too large for the memo fields on the Transactions Tab.
  2. The Void Reason field keeps a record of the reason for voiding the receipt.
  3. The Document Nbr field allows an entry for tracking other documents associated with this receipt.

GL Preview Tab

  1. The GL Preview Tab lets you review the GL accounts to be affected by the Transaction Codes selected.
  2. To see all accounts affected by the entry make sure the Adjust Preferences | User Config | Options | Other Options | Show advanced GL account entries is checked.

NOTE: While in the GL Preview Tab no adjustments can be made. All changes must take place on the Transactions Tab.

Enter Payments

  1. The appropriate Payment Method must be selected. Additional methods can be added as needed.
  2. By default the Total Cash box is filled in with the total amount listed in the Transactions Tab.
  3. If only one check is tendered, type the number in the Check Numbers box. The amount is automatically transferred to the Check(s) Amount box.
  4. If cash and a check are tendered, enter the amount of the check and the difference will automatically be entered in the ‘Total Cash’ box.
  5. If multiple checks are received, click the ‘…’ button at the right of the Check Numbers box.
  6. Enter the check numbers and the amount of the checks.
  7. After all the checks are entered click the OK button.
  8. Click Save at the bottom-right of the screen to save the receipt. You can also Cancel the receipt at any time if desired.


  1. In Adjust Preferences, set the program to automatically print the receipt, present you with the option to print, or ignore printing when the Save button is selected.
  2. Any time after a receipt is saved, the Print Receipt button can be used as a shortcut to print additional copies of the receipt at any time.
  3. The Print Endorsement button will work with an endorsement printer to print the assigned information on the back of the check received. The information is determined in the Edit |Adjust Preferences | Options screen.

Edit Receipts

  1. Please keep in mind, receipts can be edited up until the time they are deposited in the bank (unless set otherwise in ‘Adjust Preference’s).
  2. From the Manage Receipts List or Detail views, select or view the details of the receipt you wish to edit.
  3. Click the Edit button at the top of the window.
  4. When finished making changes, click the Save button in the bottom-right corner.


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