Quick Step Guide – Creating Hand-Written Checks

To Create a Hand-Written Check

  1. Click Manage Checks in Primary Tasks box.
  2. Click Hand Written Checks on the Tools tab.
  3. Select Bank Account Code from drop-down menu.
  4. Enter Check date or select from calendar button.
  5. Enter Check Number.
    1. Be sure number is accurate as it cannot be changed later.
  6. Select a Vendor from the drop-down list, or add new vendor.
  7. **Optional**Enter Vendor Reference Number.
  8. Enter Voucher Total (Check Total).
  9. Enter Voucher Date (Check Date).
  10. **Optional**Enter Review Code.
  11. Select whether to ‘Include on 1099’.
  12. **Optional** Enter Description.
  13. Click in white box to add a line.
  14. Select ‘General Ledger Account’ number from drop-down list, or manually type in number.
    1. Click “+” at the bottom of the white box to add lines for more account numbers.
  15. Double-check information.
  16. Click Save.

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