How to Create Payroll W-2's

Note: Before W2 creation, it maybe helpful to review the W2 Info tab of each Pay Type. Furthermore, preference settings for the Defaults, Employer Info and W2 Categories should be confirmed as accurate.


To create a group of W2 Forms for all or some of your employees, follow these steps (see the image below for numeric references in steps 4-7):

  1. Click on the Primary Task of Manage W2s.
  2. Click on the Tools tab.
  3. Click on Create W2s.
  4. Fill in the Year(1) you are processing.
  5. If it is your personal preference to keep control numbers, check the 'Auto-Increment Control Number' checkbox(2) and set the Starting Control Number(3).
  6. In the Filter group box, set the Department(4) and/or Pay Group(5) values if you wish to create W2s for a particular segment of an employee group rather than for all employees. If you wish to create W2s for all employees, then leave the Department and Pay Group fields blank.
  7. Click on the Filter List button(6) to generate a list of employees.


Once your list of employees has been generated, follow these steps to make employee selection and create W2s.

  1. If W2s will be created for all employees in the list click the double arrow button that points to the right(1).
  2. if W2s will NOT be created for all employees in the list click on an employee name that needs W2 creation, then click on the single arrow button that points to the right(2).
    1. **To select multiple employees from the list, but not all, hold the Control key down while selecting the employee names.
  3. After all desired employee names have been moved to the right side of the window, click on the Create W2s button(3).
  4. Click on the OK button on the Information dialog that displays after W2s have been created.
  5. Click the Close button on the W2s tool(4). This will take you to the list view in Manage W2s where you will see the In-Process W2s just created.

Note: After creating W2s, it may be helpful to run the reports listed on the Reports tab in the Manage W2s Primary Task area. These reports are helpful in identifying potential errors prior to printing.

Printing W2s and W3s

After W2s have been created and reviewed, they can easily be printed using the Print W2(s) button on the bottom right corner of the Manage W2s Primary Task List View. We suggest you print your first W2 on plain paper and check for alignment to the actual W2 form before printing all W2s.

The W3 form can be printed by clicking on the Reports tab in the Manage W2s Primary Task and selecting the Laser W3 Form report. The report filter is preset to included all employees from all departments and to calculate amounts from all W2s that have been printed or E-Filed in Pontem Payroll. If you want to change the report filter, make the adjustments and then click the OK button. On the print preview screen, click the Printer icon. We suggest you print the first copy on plain paper to test the alignment with the pre-printed form.

 Creating the E-File

If it is desired to create a file for electronic submission, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Tools tab in the Manage W2s Primary Task work space and select the E-File W2s tool.
  2. Click the '...' button to browse to where the E-File will be created.
  3. Enter a name for the file and click Save.
  4. Verify the W2 Submitter Information.
  5. Click Create File.
  6. Acknowledge the completion message by clicking Yes if you wish to open the folder containing the file in Windows Explorer, or No if you are finished.


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