How To Create New Budget

NOTE: Before creating a new budget, take a moment to back up your database by going to File – Maintenance – Backup your Pontem General Ledger. Accept the default setting by clicking the OK button.

To create a budget, follow these steps:

1. Click on the primary task of Yearly Budgets (1).

2. Click on the Tools tab.

3. Click on Create New Budget (2).


4. Select an Available Budgets: (4) as a base to start from for the new year.

5. Click the Get Budget button (5).

6. Verify the Year: displayed is what you want the budget for the next year labeled (6).

7. Click on the OK button (7) to create the new budget.


Once the new budget is created, follow these steps to print a Preliminary Budget Report:

1. Click the Reports tab on the left side bar, to the right of the Tools tab.

2. Click Budget Worksheet with Account Nbr.

3. Leave the filter as it appears and click OK button.

4. Print the report as needed.


Once the new budget is created, follow these steps to make changes to the Initial Budget Entry Amount:

1. From the list of budgets displayed on the screen double click the Budget Year with the Budget Status = Preliminary

2. Select the Ledger Account Number to be edited (8).

**You can type the number (using hyphens), use the drop down menu, or use the Down Arrow on the keyboard.

3. Type the desired annual budget amount (9).

4. Click the Save Budget Entry button (10) or Cancel Budget Entry button as needed.

Repeat steps 1 – 4 as needed.

Final Report:

For a final report to submit to the board:

1. Click Reports on the Menu bar at the top and select the Budget group.

2. Select the Proposed Budget and leave the filter with the default settings.

3. Click OK button.


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