Quick Step Guide - Upgrade FAS Instructions

Upgrading the Pontem Fund Accounting Suite


  • Make sure the computer login you use has administrator rights. This is a Microsoft setting and may be controlled by your IT Department or Service.
  • If FAS is installed on a network or peer-to-peer connection, the server/host computer must be updated first.
  • Ensure other users have closed all FAS applications before continuing to prevent database corruption.

Update the Server / Host / Stand-Alone Computer

  1. Back up the database
  2. Open the FAS application to be updated (GL, AP, PR, or CR)
    • We recommended updating the GL program first
  3. Click the Cancel button on the login window
    • Note: You cannot be logged into the database when trying to install a program update
    • If you are logged in, click “File” on the Menu bar, then click “Close the Currently Open Pontem ... “
  4. From the ‘Help’ menu, choose ‘Check for Updates...’
  5. The software will automatically locate the proper update then the ‘Update’ dialog box will appear. Click ‘Yes’ to continue. The program will now begin to download the update file.

    Note: If any Pontem applications are open you will receive a warning message.
    Please close any open Pontem applications before proceeding, then click ‘Yes.’


  6. When the download has finished, click ’Yes’ to apply the update. The update should run automatically.

  7. The setup wizard for the Pontem software you have chosen to upgrade will now appear. Click Next.


    If you receive the warning from Microsoft, or your anti-virus program, that an unknown 
    program is trying to make changes to your computer, do you want to continue?
    (or some similar message) Click the appropriate response to allow the program to continue.
    If you are unsure with how to answer this security question, please contact your IT Technician
    or Service.


  8. Enter the password you were provided and click Next.
    The current password for your software can be found in the upgrade notification you received via email from Pontem Software. Please note that passwords are case-sensitive. 


    Confirm the update you wish to install is checked and click Next.

  10. Click Install to continue.

  11. The Installation progress dialog will appear. When the installer has completed its task, the ‘Setup’ dialog box will appear. Click Finish to launch the program.

    If the following error message appears, you have the application open. 
    Close the software and click ‘Retry.’


  12. Log in to the program with your regular user name + password
    • If you are successfully logged in, then close the program and repeat steps 2-11 until each application on the system has been updated.
    • If you receive the following message when you login, proceed to “Update The Database” steps.
      • “Your data must be updated from revision #### patch ### to revision #### patch ### before it can be used within this application. You must log in as SYSDBA in order to update your data.”

Update The Database after Updating General Ledger

  1. Click OK button on the warning message.
  2. The program will automatically open the login window and fill in the name SYSDBA.
  3. Enter the password from the upgrade announcement email and click the OK button.
  4. When you receive the confirmation dialog click the YES button to apply the database update.
  5. When you are returned to the Overview workspace (blue screen), the database update is complete.
  6. To return to the login window for normal program use:
    • Click File on the Menu bar
    • Click Open an Existing Pontem *…

Update Client Installation Computers after updating the Server and the Database

  1. Double Click the icon of the program to be opened
  2. Instead of the login window, you will see the Window's program installer wizard
    • A Windows system warning message may appear asking if you want to allow the program to make changes to your computer. Click the appropriate response to allow the program to continue.
  3. Click Next button
  4. Enter update password used on the server/host and click Next button
  5. Update Pontem (program name) to (build #). Click Next button
  6. Click Install button
  7. Click the Finish button to open the program
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