How to edit W2's after they have been printed/efiled

How to Undo Print/EFile Status of W2s

* Notice - The Pontem PR program does not print forms W2-C or W3-C.  Please check with your accounting adviser to determine if the corresponding correction form is needed.

To edit W2's in PR after they have been printed please follow these steps:

  1. Open the PR program, and log in.
  2. In the Primary Task box, click Manage W2s
  3. Click the Tools tab
  4. Click Undo Print or EFile link
  5. Use the gray filter box to limit the list of W2's to search through, to find the one requiring editing. Once the optional filters are selected, click the Filter List button
  6. Select the employee(s) to be edited from the "Available Employees" list, and move them to the "Selected Employees" list with the appropriate arrow buttons
  7. Click the Undo Print/Efile Status button
  8. Click the OK button on the confirmation window
  9. Click the Close button
  10. Select the employee's W2 to be edited and click the Edit W2 button
    • To refresh the employees in the W2 list view, click "Manage W2s" in the Primary Task box
  11. Make the needed edits and then save the W2
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