Error: Unable to find check file

Users with the Pontem FAS programs installed on a network may receive the error message, “Unable to find check file…”.

To determine if the Pontem program generated the error or a network issue, follow these steps:

  1. Open Windows File Explorer
  2. Browse the file path given in the error message
    1. On the left sidebar, select "Network"
    2. Double-Click the computer storing the Pontem database
  3. If the server computer is not listed, you can type the server name in the address bar (e.g., \\server name)
    1. If prompted for login information, please select the 'Remember these credentials' option
    2. If you do not know the login information, check with your local IT department or service
  4. If you successfully login to the computer and do not see the folders in the error message, contact your local IT department or service
  5. If you see the folders and follow the path from the error message, you should reach the custom "reports" folder
  6. Try printing the checks again
  7. If you receive the error message again, please ues the "Submit a Support Request" link on the Primary Task: Overview workspace


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