How to Print the Pontem Users & Permissions Report

Many IT Services and Auditors request a list of program users and their permissions.  Pontem Fund Accounting Suite has a report which shares all of this information.  To access the report, please use the following steps:

  1. Open the GL program
  2. Use the login credentials for SYSDBA.  (If you need the password, please submit a support request)
  3. Click the "OK" button to login in
  4. Click "Edit" on the menu bar
  5. Select "Adjust Preferences"
  6. Click the "+" next to 'Security'
  7. Click "Users"
  8. Click the "Print" button
  9. Leave the default filter settings, and click the "OK" button
  10. Print/Save/Email the report as needed
  11. Close the report, and click the "OK" button to close the Preferences window
  12. Make sure to close the GL database and login with your regular user id
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