How to Check for Payroll Tax Updates

To update the payroll tax settings in the Pontem PR program, please use the Check for Payroll Tax Updates tool.

1. Open the Pontem PR program and log in

2. Click "Help" on the Menu bar

3. Select "Check for Payroll Tax Updates"

Note: If "Check for Payroll Tax Updates" is grayed out, you must log in to PR with a User Name assigned to the PR_Admins permissions group.

4. The Check for Payroll Tax Updates window will appear, displaying the current and next payroll tax years. The "status" column will indicate if updates are: 'Ready to apply', 'Already applied', or 'No updates available'.

a. If no updates need to be applied, click the "Cancel" button

b. For all updates you wish to apply immediately, set the “Apply now?” to YES

c. For updates you wish to apply later, set the 'Apply now?’ to NO

Notice the Tax Deferred Maximum and payroll tax Pay Types update is included in this tool.

For items set to NO, you will be reminded to update the payroll tax items the next time you log in.

5. Click on the ‘Apply Selected’ button to continue with your updates.

After the updates are applied, an Information window will display confirming the applied updates. Simply click the "OK" button to close the window.

If you have questions or need assistance with this process, please use the "Submit a Support Request" link in the Pontem programs.

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