How to Print Payroll Checks

Prepare Checks

Note: Check processing can only be performed for one check date at a time. 

1. Select Process Checks from Primary Tasks to view a list of all open vouchers to be paid.

2. Filter the list to include only the Vouchers you want to print checks for.  If vouchers are listed for multiple Check Dates, you must filter the list of vouchers to include a single Check Date using the Quick Search tool.

3. Verify the total amount to be paid for all vouchers in the list is presented in the footer of the workspace.

4. Click on Prepare Checks button to proceed.

5. A window will pop up an it is important you confirm the information:

  • PR Bank Account,
  • Next Check#
  • Next Direct Deposit#,
  • Effective date for any direct deposit for the batch of vouchers selected.

6. Use the Change Check# button if you need to correct the Next Check#.

7. Use the Advanced button to change to manage special processing.

8. Click Prepare/Create Check(s).

When all the checks are created, the view will change to the Manage Checks work space displaying all Unprinted Checks.

Changing a Check Number after checks are created

To change the number of a previously created or printed check requires voiding the printed check and reissuing a new check. See online help for Quick Step Guide – Voiding Payroll Checks.

To Print Unprinted Checks

1.  If you are not already there, Select the Manage Checks primary task.

2.  Select the Review/Print Unprinted Checks on the View tab and use the Quick Search feature to filter your list if desired.

3. To print the unprinted check(s) showing in the List view, click the Print Unprinted Check(s) button.

4. A window will display confirming the Bank Account Code and the Starting Check # for the checks to be printed .

5. Verify your check number on your Paper Checks and Load your checks in your printer if you have not already done so.

6. The program will prompt you to ‘Enter Check Message’. This message will be printed on each check stub. Enter a message, if desired, and click the OK button.  You can leave blank.

7. Your checks will display in the Print Preview, allowing you to view them before printing.  At this point the "status" of your Checks are still are set to "Unprinted".

8. Click the ‘Printer Icon’ to proceed. Review the printer settings for this print job.

9. Click the OK button to print the check(s).  After Selecting the OK button, the check(s) status is now changed from "Unprinted" to “Open” (not yet cleared), and will no longer appear in the Review/Print Unprinted Checks view. However, they will appear in the Clear Printed Checks view.

10.  Note the Preview Checks window remains open so you can reprint or print additional copies as needed.

11. Select the Close button to redisplay the Review/Print Unprinted Checks.  Confirm that the checks you just printed are no longer in this list.

Note: The Pontem Payroll program offers several different check templates to accommodate varying check styles. Prior to printing checks, the template matching your check form must be assigned to the Print Checks button in the ‘Reports Preferences’.

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